I am an Associate Professor in Computer Science at De Montfort University in Leicester, UK. My research focuses on privacy technologies, privacy metrics, web measurement, and smart cities.

Privacy in the Smart City


Many modern cities strive to integrate information technology into every aspect of city life to create so-called smart cities. Smart cities rely on a large number of application areas and technologies to realize complex interactions between citizens, third parties, and city departments. This overwhelming complexity is one reason why holistic privacy protection only rarely enters the picture. A lack of privacy can result in discrimination and social sorting, creat- ing a fundamentally unequal society. To prevent this, we believe that a better understanding of smart cities and their privacy im- plications is needed. In this tutorial, we therefore systematize the application areas, enabling technologies, privacy types, attackers and data sources for the attacks, giving structure to the fuzzy term "smart city". Based on our taxonomies, we describe existing privacy- enhancing technologies, review the state of the art in real cities around the world, and discuss promising future research directions. Our tutorial can be seen as a guide to understanding and designing privacy-friendly smart city applications.



  1. ISC2, Trento, Italy. September 2016. DOWNLOAD SLIDES
  2. ASIACCS 2018, Songdo, Korea. June 2018 DOWNLOAD SLIDES